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Lee Little, the founder, and president of Premier Insurance Network, LLC, brings a blend of 25 years of expertise from within the healthcare and insurance domains. While serving in the United States Air Force, Lee had nearly 10 years of hands-on para-professional patient care, where he managed a Communicable Disease Clinic, attending to over 100 patients weekly. He also oversaw a Hospital Employee Health Clinic, monitoring the health and safety of an impressive 9,000 military, civilian, and contract personnel from diverse backgrounds.

Transitioning to the insurance realm, Lee boasts 15 years of multifaceted experience. As a Claims Adjuster, he worked for a national carrier adeptly managing a portfolio worth over $2.5 million, overseeing claims from vehicular losses to intricate legal cases involving injury claims. As an Injury Adjuster, he meticulously monitored the treatment and medications of claimants and reviewed medical records to ensure treatments aligned with injuries and loss scenarios. With a keen eye for detail, Lee navigated complex negotiations, achieving balanced settlements with claims requiring attorney representation. He also played a pivotal role as a coach, trainer, and facilitator, shaping the next generation of adjusters.

As an Insurance Agent, Lee reviews and recommends tailored insurance solutions. His role extends beyond mere policy guidance, he also offers invaluable assistance during the claims process. In his role as an Insurance Agent, Lee is more than just a policy provider, he skillfully assesses clients’ needs. He’s a consultant, refining their current policies to match their goals, and tailoring insurance solutions for individuals, families, or businesses. His mission? Ensuring clients are not only covered but comprehensively understood.

Lee’s profound understanding of insurance and his heartfelt dedication to his clients truly sets him apart, reflecting his expertise and empathy ensuring beneficiaries are both educated, informed, and cared for.

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