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Dental and Vision Coverage Can Put A Smile on Your Face and A Twinkle in Your Eyes

Are You Overlooking the Real Champions of Good Health?

Today, let’s talk about two often-overlooked facets of your health that can significantly affect your overall well-being and financial security: dental and vision care. Did you know that poor dental health can lead to heart disease, and inadequate eye care can indicate diabetes? If you’re not covered, you’re not just risking a cavity or blurry vision; you’re playing roulette with your comprehensive health. Before we delve into the remarkable coverage options we offer, “Ask yourself this question, Do I have the right dental and vison care plan?”

What's at Stake?

In order to understand the importance of your answer, let’s get real about what’s at stake. We often prioritize medical insurance, sidelining dental and vision coverage as “optional” or treating them as “luxury” items. Yet, these are very critical aspects of our healthcare routine. Preventive dental visits can detect early signs of oral cancer, and eye exams can reveal conditions like glaucoma, high blood pressure, and even brain tumors.

What We Bring to the Table

Whether you’re an individual, looking to cover your family, or an employer striving to provide top-notch benefits to your team, we’ve got you covered. 

Here’s a snapshot of what some of our plans have to offer:

  • In and Out-of-Network benefits: Choose any healthcare provider that you’re comfortable with.
  • Coverage on Major Services: Be it root canals or dentures; we’ve got you covered.
  • 100% In-Network Coverage for Preventative Services: From cleanings to eye exams, prevention is indeed better than cure.
  • Yearly Increases in Coverage and Annual Maximum: Your coverage grows as you stay with us, and so does your peace of mind.
  • No Deductible Copays or Waiting Periods: Get started with your coverage immediately.
  • Routine Vision Exams Every 12 Months: Stay ahead of any vision problems.
  • Contact Lens Allowance: We know that eyewear is both health-related and a fashion statement.
  • New Frames Allowance Every 12 or 24 Months: Keep your look fresh while taking care of your eyes.

Beyond the Coverage—What This Means for You

  • Financial Security: Dental and vision care without insurance can be extremely expensive. Our plans mitigate those costs, saving you money in the long run.
  • Improved Health Outcomes: Regular dental and eye check-ups can catch health issues before they become major problems. Early detection is key.
  • Enhanced Productivity: Believe it or not, proper dental and vision health can make you more productive at work. Poor vision or a persistent toothache can drastically hinder performance.
  • Family Wellness: Covering your family ensures that everyone, from the youngest to the oldest, enjoys excellent dental and vision health, laying the groundwork for a happy, healthy life.

Time to Make a Choice

In your hands right now is the power to change the trajectory of your health and financial well-being. It’s more than just a policy; it’s a commitment to a healthier, more secure life for you and your loved ones—or for your dedicated employees. Get in touch with us today to find a robust dental or vision care plan tailored to your unique needs. Make the smart choice now; your future self will thank you.

Act Now

So, let us put that smile back on your face and a twinkle back in your eyes. We’re not just offering dental and vision coverage; we’re offering peace of mind, a healthier future, and financial security. Isn’t it time you made your health a priority?

Contact Premier Insurance Network today and let us find the right plan for you.

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