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Medicare Questions

Disclaimer: The information provided are general rules regarding Medicare.  Specific rules may differ in your state. Contact us for details about your states Medicare guidelines.

Can I keep my doctor and/or specialist?
Keeping your doctors an/or specialists is the number one priority of our agents. We will always try our best to find a plan which your doctor accepts. Each situation is different and our agents can discuss your options in further detail at your benefit review.
Will all my medications be covered?
Premier Insurance Networks agents will always look up your medications on to ensure you are placed on a plan that covers your specific drugs.
How do you get paid?
Our agents are compensated by the health plan. Our services are always at no cost to you and there is no extra fee or charge for working with an Premier Insurance Networks agent.
Is there a cost for your service?
Our services are no cost to you and there is no fee or extra charge for working with an Premier Insurance Networks agent. We are a free, non-biased public service for Medicare beneficiaries.
Can I buy more than one Medicare Supplement?
No. The only exception is if you are changing policies. Under this circumstance you are afforded a 30-day window to transition from one Medicare Supplement plan to another.
Do you represent all Medicare plans?
Premier Insurance Networks brokers represent most Medicare plans on the market. We are happy to give you our expert opinion on all available plans and we won’t hesitate to recommend a plan we don’t represent if it’s the best fit for you.
I’m turning 65, when do I need to enroll for Medicare?
You can sign up for Medicare beginning three months before you turn 65, and coverage can start as soon as the first day of your birthday month. The Initial Enrollment Period (IEP) lasts until three months after your 65th birthday.
What are my options to cover the 20% gap that original Medicare leaves me?
The two most common options are either a Medicare Advantage or Medicare Supplement insurance plan. Medicare Supplement plans are PPO’s (preferred provider organizations) with a monthly premium, and Medicare Advantage plans are primarily HMO’s (health maintenance organization), sometimes a PPO, at little to no monthly cost. An Premier Insurance Networks agent can explain the differences in these plans to you at no cost or obligation.
Can I be rejected by Medicare because I have a pre-existing condition?
A Medicare beneficiary cannot be denied coverage or charged more due to a pre-existing condition. However, if the beneficiary is acquiring supplemental insurance converge, such as a Medigap policy outside of the Annual Enrollment Period, then some pre-existing conditions can be subject to review.
What are the differences between each of the enrollment periods?
There are 5 Medicare Enrollment Periods that Medicare beneficiaries should be aware of. A comparison of each of those including what they cover, when they are, and who they are intended for can be found here: Understanding Medicare Enrollment Periods.
Can I be dropped from my Medigap Plan if my expenses get too high?
You cannot be dropped from a Medigap Plan once your medical expenses reach a certain amount. Medicare Supplements are guaranteed renewable, as long as you pay your plan premium you will continue to have coverage.
Which pays first, Medicare or my employer's insurance?
It depends on the size of the employer group. Groups with under 20 members, Medicare generally pays first. Groups with over 20 members generally will be primary to Medicare. There are a few exceptions to this like self-funded plans or union plans. To get an answer on your specific situation, please tell us the details so we can advise accordingly.
Am I automatically enrolled in Medicare Part A and Part B if I file for social security?
Yes, IF you have been receiving social security benefits for at least 4 months before your 65th birthday. IF YOU HAVE NOT been receiving social security benefits at least 4 months before turning 65, then you will need to complete the Medicare Benefits application:
Does Medicare pay for ambulance trips?
Medicare Part B will cover ambulance transportation to a hospital, critical care hospital, or a skilled nursing facility when it is NEEDED. If an ambulance is ordered and the hospital does not think it was an emergency or necessity, you could be liable for those charges.
When can I change my Medicare Plan?
If you have a Medicare Advantage plan, you can switch during the Annual Enrollment Period (October 15 – December 7) or during the Medicare Advantage Open Enrollment Period (January 1 – March 31). If you have a Medicare Supplement plan, changes should be made during the Annual Enrollment Period. However, changes can be made in most states outside the AEP if you are able to pass medical underwriting. We highly recommend talking to a licensed independent agent before making changes. You can find the closest one to you here: Find Agent Near Me.

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